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Scriber and Cavity Batten Specialists

What We Do

Scriber and Cavity Batten to meet all your construction needs


Ezyscribe Castellated Timber Cavity Batten is manufactured using quality NZ milled Radiata Pine, the products are proudly NZ made.

Ezyscribe Castellated Timber Cavity Battens create ventilation in a wall cavity. Our range of EzyBatten can be used in a wide range of applications including residential and commercial pre-cladding and facade use. Feel free to contact us directly Should you have a requirement for a unique specification and minimum order quantities can be discussed.

Ezyscribe provides a range of EzyBatten Horizontal Castellated Timber Cavity Battens including EB1, EB1MP, EB2, EB3, EB3MP, EB4, EB4MP, EB5, EB6, EB7, EB8, EB9 and EB10. Ezyscribe can also cut to customers specifications if a custom solution is required and encourage direct enquiries.

Ezyscribe Scriber Eliminates the fussing around that comes with having to cut your own Scriber and saves you time when installing weather board on new or existing buildings. Hours can be spent cutting and fitting Scriber around a window, with Ezyscribe Scriber it takes only minutes. You can also use our Pre-cut Scriber as a storey rod, making installation of weatherboards easy. 

All scriber is CNC cut to ensure accuracy resulting in a cleaner finish on your build

Ezyscribe Scriber is available across a wide range of fittings to suit all weatherboards. 

All our Scriber is produced in pre-primed finger jointed pine

Construction Engineer

Engineered To Specifications

All of our products have been designed to meet and exceed the requirements outlined in the department of housing ES/AS1 standard.

All products are produced to match technical drawings and specifications to ensure they perform the way they are intended in their various applications. 

Proudly New Zealand Made

Our Products are proudly made with New zealand sourced radiata pine

Forest Trees

Contact Us

38 Anvil Road

09 424 8109

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