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About CCA Treatment

CCA is a wood preservative containing compounds of chromium, copper, and arsenic, in various proportions. It is used to impregnate timber and other wood products, especially those intended for outdoor use, in order to protect them from attack by Microbes and Insects. This treatment imparts a greenish tint timber once processed.

CCA treated wood will last much longer than it takes replacement trees to be grown and converted into wooden products.

About MCA Treatment

MCA (Micronized Copper Azole) is a preservative used in the pressure treatment of residential application wood products. Micronized copper azole can be used above ground, in ground contact or in freshwater contact.

The benefit of wood treated with MCA and micronized tebuconazole is long-term protection of wood and its reduced toxicity compared to earlier pressure-treated wood varieties. This is a more environmentally friendly option which is increasing its popularity.

About LOSP Treatment

LOSP Light Organic Solvent-borne Preservatives are preservatives that contain combinations of fungicides and insecticides for timbers used in internal and external situations. All of these preservative components are incorporated in a solvent carrier such as white spirit and aid impregnation into the timber.

About Ezyscribe Scriber

Ezyscribe Scriber Eliminates the fussing around that comes with having to cut your own Scriber and saves you time when installing weather board on new or existing buildings. You could spend hours cutting and fitting Scriber around a window, with Ezyscribe Scriber it takes only minutes. You can also use our Pre-cut Scriber as a storey rod, making installation of weatherboards easy. 

Ezyscribe Scriber is available across a wide range of fittings to suit all weatherboards. 

All our Scriber is produced

in pre-primed finger jointed pine.

Which Cavity Batten is right for my project?

There are many different sizes, shapes and castellation options to choose from when selecting cavity batten, and as many options there are there a even more applications.

To understand which cavity batten is right for your project please refer to your architect, designer or cladding supplier, they will be able to guide you 

Is Ezyscribe Batten ethically sourced and sutainable?

All our timber is ethically sourced from renewable and sustainable New Zealand forests.

Our processes and tracing systems allow us trace our batten back to their source of origin and is free from forced/child labour as well as any human rights violations. 

Our Statements for our Core Labour Principals/Requirements are available on request

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